Thrive at Five

Annual report design

Thrive at Five‘s mission is to help children in their early years develop strong foundations for life and learning.

Collaborating between the public, private and voluntary sectors and ensuring that parents and carers are at the heart of what they do, Thrive at Five is helping more children to reach a good level of development at five by providing support from pregnancy to age five in the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.

the brief

Accountability for non-profit organisations is more important than ever, with charities being placed under increased scrutiny over spending. Annual reports and reviews are a vital tool for many charities to show the impact that they have had in the past year and to assure funders and their wider audience that their money is being used wisely.

Lisa was asked to design an annual report to showcase Thrive at Five’s impact during the last financial year.

the solution

Using and expanding on their existing brand assets and guidelines, Lisa designed an accessible and engaging annual report highlighting Thrive at Five’s activities and achievements from the last year, detailing their financial statements, thanking supporters and outlining their plans for the year to come.

“Lisa designed our beautiful 2023 Annual Report and was extremely professional to work with. We are so pleased with the high quality of our report.”