Lodestar Potential

Website design and development

Lodestar Potential delivers bespoke one-to-one and group development solutions to help businesses adapt to changing needs, collaborate more effectively with their teams, and reinvent their place in the world.

the brief

Lodestar Talent was set up three years ago and the subsequent experience working across various markets helped the founders to sharpen their focus and become really clear about why they exist: to help individuals, teams and organisations realise their potential. This led to them asking Lisa to conduct a rebrand to Lodestar Potential and create a new website.

the solution

This is a familiar tale. Many businesses set up with a vision in mind that evolves over time, culminating some time down the road in a clearer purpose and position in their marketplace. This is the ideal time to look at the company brand to ascertain if what worked at the start is still serving the business as it evolves.

Lisa created a much stronger brand for Lodestar Potential which better reflects the business and its purpose. A soft palette which nods to nature, alongside a human-centred approach to imagery, answered the very strong brief from the client.

Alongside her tech partner, Lisa also designed and created a  new website to showcase the values and work of Lodestar Potential.

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