Website design and build

Working with Chairs, CEOs, MDs and business leaders, Goldpollen help companies develop and deliver innovative winning strategies.

Lisa was tasked with creating a brand that matched their values to use across marketing collateral, their website, socials and beyond.

the brief

Goldpollen’s vision is to be a powerful force for business change.

In nature, bees collect pollen to make honey to feed themselves, working together as part of a colony for the common goal. The act of pollination is a crucial part of the earth’s ecosystem, helping to pollinate flowers and crops. Our world is better for having bees make honey.

Companies are in business to grow and make money and great business leaders see the growth potential in their people working together, cross pollinating ideas, skills and knowledge from across their organisation towards a common purpose led goal. Our world can be better for having businesses make money.

the solution

In order to reinforce their business message and vision as well as support the business name, Lisa created a contemporary brand and suite of assets.

Kew Creative also designed and built the company’s website.