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Equiida’s purpose is to develop inclusive leaders that think differently and build better businesses for purposeful and societal impact.

Lisa was recruited by the founding partners at the business inception to create a logo and larger brand for this fast growing business, subsequently developing a set of brand guidelines and their initial website.

the brief

Equiida’s mission is bold: to help create and maintain powerful, positive, high-performing, and productive work cultures by changing the way leadership teams think and behave.

EQUIIDA is a pseudoword created from a mashup of what is important to the company, combining Emotional Quotient and  EQuality with leader and incorporating the acronym ID for IDentity.

A brand that could stand up to the mission statement and incorporate these messages was required.

the solution

Lisa set out to create a timeless, strong and smart logo with a sophisticated colour palette to appeal to some of the largest and richest companies globally.

The wider brand and imagery explores viewing the world around us from a different perspective, reinforcing the messages of diversity, inclusion and innovative leadership.

“Lisa actively listens and provides an expert opinion when you need it and in a brilliantly polite but direct way. The logo, branding and design she created for us and the ongoing partnership she provides has been exceptional. ”